How To Use Lumberjack’s Wave Pomade

How To Use Lumberjack’s Wave Pomade

Lumberjack’s Wave Pomade is an all-natural hair waves Pomade that gives a shiny and healthy looking hair. It helps keep short waves defined and in place.

Here is how to use Lumberjack Wave Pomade for a practical result.

Take a small amount of Lumberjack Wave Pomade and rub it between your hands to help it become more of a liquid evenness. The amount to use will depend on what the texture of your hair.

Streak the pomade into your hair evenly making sure to coat all of your hair and scalps.

Now Brush your hair to allow the wave pomade settle in. If you fancy 360-degree waves, just start the brush at the top of your head and brush in a downward motion around your entire head.

After the application, allow the wave pomade set on your hair for some minutes and you are done.